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OPIA Lit is a literary newsletter publishing "Literotica" weekly. As women are still defending their rights to their own bodies, OPIA aims to empower women's sexuality and advocate for sexual freedom without judgment, shame, or limit. 

"In a time when grabbing women by the pussy wins presidential elections, patrolling the hymens of daughters give fathers bragging rights, and weed convictions garner more prison time than rape convictions, we want to give women reprieve from the constant attack on our rights to our own bodies and sexuality. Even if it’s only for a few minutes on Monday mornings, during their commutes to work.” - Brielle Benton, Founder.

Women are OPIA’s main target readership, with 95% of its content authored by women. OPIA’s short stories are new and original, spanning across multiple genres, subjects, and themes, with one common theme: Erotica.


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